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   When you file for Divorce, Maine has a limited list of what are called “Causes of Action”  That means you must give the reason for the divorce.
   Ardith will discuss this with you, and then you must file a Complaint with the information about your reasons for filing, and some personal history.
   After that, your spouse is served with your documents, and he or she has 21 days to answer.
   If there are lots of personal items or if you own a home, we have to fill out more forms, and we send them to the Court and to the spouse.
   After that, we have what is called a “Case Management Conference” and the issues are presented.  The next thing is a Mediation (costing $80.00 for you and also for your spouse) and after that, we have a Pre-trial conference and then a Hearing.
    If  you can come to an agreement with your spouse, there is no hearing, and the matter is settled.   The shortest time for a Maine divorce to be final is 61 days, and if there are complicated issues, it can take a lot longer.
    We do all we can to get things settled quickly, while making sure we are protecting your interests.